Immobiliser Bypass / Code Removal Leicester
Immobiliser Bypass / Code Removal
The coding of the ECUs to the in built vehicle factory fit immobiliser system has been standard practice
with most vehicle manufacturers since the mid nineties. 

A large proportion of ECU's can be programmed to bypass and operate independently of the in built
vehicle immobiliser system.
This option creates two potential benefits:
(1) An ECU can be fitted to a vehicle without having the inconvenience and cost of programming it to the immobiliser. Sometimes referred to as “plug and play”.
(2) If there is a fault diagnosed with a vehicle immobiliser system, then a ECU with the immobiliser removed will bypass the immobiliser system.

This option can get the vehicle back on the road even when the ECU wasn’t the cause of the problem in the first place avoiding the cost of diagnosing and replacing the suspect immobiliser parts (i.e instrument clusters ,immobiliser modules and keys)
(3) allowing used second hand ecu to be fitted to the vehicle
Please contact us for any further details about ECU immobiliser  decoding.

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