Car Radio Decodes Leicester
Car Radio Decodes
If you have a security coded car radio and you know its radio code then you probably won't have any
problems. But if you have a pre-owned car or a pre-owned coded car radio and you don't have the code
for it or you have the code but the stereo is "locked out" then what will you do?

Almost always at some stage in the car radio's life the power will be disconnected. This will happen if
either the car is undergoing repair work, your battery goes flat, you get an alarm fitted, your kids mess it
up by pressing all the buttons at once or the power is disconnected for some other reason.

Your stereo is asking for a code but you don't have one to enter!!! Sure you can try your luck with random numbers but it will probably only
give you 3 chances and you could have up to 9,999 different combinations!!!

The solution therefore is Codeit we can decode 98% of all coded car stereos.
With our software we can read the original radio code, change the code to a code of your choice or unlock the stereo if it is in the "locked"

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